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I Remembered I Have a Website!

So, I’ve not posted on here in years, which is a little embarrassing. To be honest, I kind of forgot I had this website. I write under three different names, and I’d been using one of my other websites as a catch-all type thing for everything I write. But I realised that just wasn’t really working. The books I write with my other two names are dark and strange, about haunted girls and powerful families—which doesn’t really sum up my ace romances and women’s fiction at all! So I’ve decided to separate my books onto different websites again. Thus, is being resurrected! 

I’m slowly updating this site with my new books that have released in the last two years… 

I’ll add some of my Twitter threads here, probably writing them up a little more, as I’ve been using my Twitter for a lot of updates and ramblings recently. But I think it makes sense to return to blogging as well. 

And I’ll update with writing news too—of which, I have lots to share! 

So, a brief look here at what’s been happening in the last few years, before I do some more detailed write-ups: 

- My Heart to Find and It’s Always Been You released.

- The Aces in Love series got gorgeous new covers by Sarah Anderson Designs. 

- It’s Always Been You became an Amazon bestseller.

- Some of my books have been nominated for awards.

- My Dec 2022 release, The Rhythm of My Soul, was going to release under this name, but the story evolved more into a dark YA story (and it has no romance). So I released it instead under my Elin Dyer pen name, which I use for my YA books with ace rep that I self-publish. (My third name, Madeline Dyer, is also used for YA books (some of which have ace rep, especially my new ones!) but those books are traditionally published.) Thus Elin Annalise will just be for lighter adult stories—romance and women’s fiction. Anything YA will be Madeline Dyer or Elin Dyer (depending on whether they’re traditionally published or self-published), and I’m likely to publish my darker adult books as M.V. Dyer. So I hope the pen name distinctions make sense! 

- I spent six weeks at the beginning of 2022 in hospital for brain inflammation treatment, which meant my the release of Looking for Hope was delayed. Amazon said they’d postpone the release date but then they cancelled the release indefinitely. This—along with other publishing problems with previous preorders—made me talk to my agent (who represents my darker books) and she’s interested in my next ace romance. This will likely be Looking For Hope, but I have now decided to rewrite it completely as I associated the previous plot too much with how unwell I was when writing it and just didn’t feel kindly toward that book any more! And I don’t want to put out a book I don’t like. 

- I set up an online Masterclass for Writing Asexual Characters.

- Several of my titles were included in book lists for International Asexuality Day 2022. 


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