Aces in Love Series

 Book One: IN MY DREAMS 

Twenty-five-year-old Polly Brady was supposed to fly off on a dating holiday to meet others, like her, who identify as asexual, but when the nature reserve she works at goes into lockdown after a terrorist attack, she finds herself stuck with Harry Weller, her childhood friend and the only man she's ever loved. There are just two problems: Harry doesn't know Polly's in love with him, and he's also very sex-orientated.

Still, Polly knows other couples who have had successful ace/allo relationships, and given she was looking forward to romance this summer, what's the harm in seeing if there is a spark between her and Harry? Especially when the lockdown gives her the perfect opportunity to get close to him.

One way or another, Polly's going to make sure Harry notices her--and she's got just the plan to make this happen. Even if the plan keeps backfiring and making her look crazy.

In My Dreams is a heartwarming and tender lockdown romance featuring some questionable fancy dress choices, too many bow ties, and a girl who's determined to do whatever it takes to get her man. This is also an #ownvoices story for asexuality representation. 

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Cara Tate is twenty-five years old, shy, and desperate to find love. The only problem is she's asexual, and all the men she meets on nights out are definitely very sexual. And finding other aces isn't easy--especially when there's no guarantee of a connection.

But there is one man Cara knows who is ace and whom she feels something for.

Three years ago, Cara and her ace best friend Jana went on a dating holiday especially for those on the asexual spectrum. There, she met professional dog-walker Damien Noelle--the only man she's ever felt a connection with. But she was too nervous to exchange contact information and has spent the last three years strongly regretting it.

So when Fate has her path cross with Damien once more, Cara's determined to overcome her shyness and let him know she's more than interested. The only problem is Damien seems very interested in Jana now, and the last thing Cara wants to do is ruin her friend's happiness.

My Heart to Find is a heartwarming, slow-burn HEA romance featuring a love triangle, a chronically ill main character, and a puppy who unites everyone. This is an also an #ownvoices story for asexuality and chronic illness representation.

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Out Now: IN MY DREAMS, My Ace Romance!

  IN MY DREAMS is out now! I can't believe my first ace romance is out in the world!  Writing  In My Dreams   was such a special process...