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About Elin Annalise

Elin Annalise writes contemporary romance, with many of her books featuring asexual characters. She graduated from Exeter University, where she studied English literature and watched the baby rabbits play on the lawns when she should've been taking notes on Milton and Homer. She’s now pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Kingston University London and trying not to get distracted. She's a big fan of koi carp, cats, and dreaming.

Connect with Elin on Twitter @ElinAnnalise or send her an email

Books Published Under Other Names 

Elin also writes dark and stormy stories under other pen names, many of which include asexual representation. You can find out more about these books by visiting 

A quick guide to how Elin's pen names work from 2022 onward: 

Madeline Dyer - dark and stormy stories: YA fiction (traditionally published) and nonfiction and poetry
Elin Dyer - dark and stormy stories: YA fiction (self-published) 
M. Dyer - dark and stormy stories: adult crime and psychological thrillers (coming soon!) 
Elin Annalise - happier fiction: YA romcoms, adult romance, and adult women’s fiction/social studies fiction (first three books self-published, now moving toward traditional publishing) 

Popular posts from this blog

Out Now: IN MY DREAMS, My Ace Romance!

  IN MY DREAMS is out now! I can't believe my first ace romance is out in the world!  Writing  In My Dreams   was such a special process for me. I am asexual, and for so long, I believed that any romance novel I wrote would have to include allosexual characters. I didn't think anyone would want to read about a main character who's asexual, especially if it was a romance novel. I really believed that a romance novel had to include sex--but all I really wanted to write was the romance (because that's what appeals to me). You know, those scenes where your characters are falling in love, where everything's new and exciting, where you're really emotionally invested in a pairing.  And where there's also no sexual attraction.   Because that's what it's like for me. I'm asexual, and I don't experience sexual attraction or have a desire for sex. I'm still attracted to people (physically and emotionally), and I'm still very romantic (though man

I wrote an Ace Romance!

 Oh my goodness, I almost can't believe it! My first ace romance releases in less than a week!  Writing this book has been amazing--and so, so validating for my own identity.  I'm asexual, and I'm a romance writer. When I begun my romance-writing journey, I firmly believed I'd have to write about sex. I mean, I started with my Rose Haven series (the prequel, When We Were Young, is out now, with book one following next year), and while I love those characters, I always felt a bit 'stuck' when it came to writing the sexual chemistry and the sex scenes. Because, well, I haven't experienced those feelings. I don't understand sexual desire. I've never looked at someone and felt sexually attracted to them.  I realised I was ace (asexual) in my mid-teens. I'm now in my mid-20s, and this hasn't changed. At first, I kept my asexuality a guarded secret. I didn't know how people would react. I'd had therapists suggest I was broken, and friends s


I'm so excited to announce that my first short story will be releasing on October 29th, 2019! Introducing When We Were Young :  It's been eight years since Emma last saw Oscar, the love of her life. Eight years since their messy breakup. She never wanted to see him again and relive that pain, but then she finds his photo album among her boxes of college things. Oscar never met his parents. They died the day he was born, and the only connection he has to them is through the photo album his grandmother gave him. A photo album he thought he'd never see again. When Emma returns the photo album to him, Oscar discovers it's not just the album that's been missing from his life for the last eight years. But can Emma ever forgive him for what he did? When We Were Young  is a snack-sized read about young love and second chances. This is a short read--perfect for reading during a break time--and I can't wait to share it with you!  When We Were Young is