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Short Reads

When We Were Young

(Please note: this story does NOT have on-page ace rep, though Emma is demisexual—I wrote this story before I was confident about coming out as ace-spec myself and so didn’t state that Emma is ace-spec too.) 

It's been eight years since Emma last saw Oscar, the love of her life. Eight years since their messy breakup. She never wanted to see him again and relive that pain, but then she finds his photo album among her boxes of college things.

Oscar never met his parents. They died the day he was born, and the only connection he has to them is through the photo album his grandmother gave him. A photo album he thought he'd never see again.

When Emma returns the photo album to him, Oscar discovers it's not just the album that's been missing from his life for the last eight years. But can Emma ever forgive him for what he did?

When We Were Young is a snack-sized read about young love and second chances.

This is a short read--perfect for reading during a break time.

When We Were Young is currently available for just £0.99/$0.99 at Amazon UK and Amazon US (or free if you have Kindle Unlimited!) and you can add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads

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