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I wrote an Ace Romance!

 Oh my goodness, I almost can't believe it! My first ace romance releases in less than a week! 

Writing this book has been amazing--and so, so validating for my own identity. 

I'm asexual, and I'm a romance writer. When I begun my romance-writing journey, I firmly believed I'd have to write about sex. I mean, I started with my Rose Haven series (the prequel, When We Were Young, is out now, with book one following next year), and while I love those characters, I always felt a bit 'stuck' when it came to writing the sexual chemistry and the sex scenes. Because, well, I haven't experienced those feelings. I don't understand sexual desire. I've never looked at someone and felt sexually attracted to them. 

I realised I was ace (asexual) in my mid-teens. I'm now in my mid-20s, and this hasn't changed. At first, I kept my asexuality a guarded secret. I didn't know how people would react. I'd had therapists suggest I was broken, and friends suggested maybe I just hadn't found the right person yet--something that they believed was true because I like reading romance. They didn't think I could actually be ace when I liked reading those books! 

But I am not broken. I am asexual. And I am a heteromantic asexual.

Joining the ace community was like coming home. Finding others like me was such a relief. 

But still, I was trying to write sexual romance. It just hadn't really occurred to me that I could write ace romance. That was until I was talking to Crystal Lacy, an amazing author. And she was so, so encouraging on me writing an ace romance. 

So that's what I did--and this book releases in five days' time! 

Introducing: IN MY DREAMS! 

Twenty-five-year-old Polly Brady was supposed to fly off on a dating holiday to meet others, like her, who identify as asexual, but when the nature reserve she works at goes into lockdown after a terrorist attack, she finds herself stuck with Harry Weller, her childhood friend and the only man she's ever loved. There are just two problems: Harry doesn't know Polly's in love with him, and he's also very sex-orientated.

Still, Polly knows other couples who have had successful ace/allo relationships, and given she was looking forward to romance this summer, what's the harm in seeing if there is a spark between her and Harry? Especially when the lockdown gives her the perfect opportunity to get close to him.

One way or another, Polly's going to make sure Harry notices her--and she's got just the plan to make this happen. Even if the plan keeps backfiring and making her look crazy.

In My Dreams is a heartwarming and tender lockdown romance featuring some questionable fancy dress choices, too many bow ties, and a girl who's determined to do whatever it takes to get her man. This is also an #ownvoices story for asexuality representation.

Find it on: 

Writing this book was just amazing, and it quickly made me realise that ace romance is what I want to write more of. Thus, IN MY DREAMS is going to be book one in my Aces in Love series! 

I now know that I want to be an ace romance writer. I want to see my own sexuality in romance way more than it currently is. This is what I want to write. 

And I'm still trying to work out what to do with my Rose Haven series. Book one is still in edits, and I'd written the MCs of that as demisexual anyway--which is on the Asexuality spectrum. I mean, after all, writing ace romance is what I'm most comfortable with. The prequel short story that I wrote for the Rose Haven series is something I've been thinking about a lot--and I think I may in face write an extended edition of it. To me, those characters are demisexual too--just like Jenna and Jared in book one. I never actually said that they were demi in the text, as at that point I believed I'd absolutely have to write out of my comfort zone. But now I feel confident in exploring my own sexuality and the ace spectrum in my books, so I think that this is what I'm going to do: develop Emma's sexuality further in When We Were Young, making her ace/demi-ness more overt in the text. 


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